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       Global Homeland Security Advisors, founded in 2003, has established itself as a leading consulting firm regarding business analysis and government contracting. Our clients have included a multi-billion dollar UK aeronautics company, a European defense conglomerate, various environmental and engineering firms, and multiple security technology companies. Our members have also provided counsel to the U.S. Government on national security issues. We have undertaken marketing analyses and business development projects for clients interested in entering new markets, particularly the U.S. Government market. Global Homeland Security Advisors offers companies reliable high quality and cost effective consulting services in national security, energy, cyber security, business resilience and recovery, and environmental security issues.

       The concept of security in this country has expanded with new understanding of vulnerabilities and weaponry. As a result, the federal government – even in these difficult economic times – is looking for solutions that only the private sector can supply. Cyber and energy security have become major topics, particularly in areas where they intersect. Expertise lies with the private sector here, but many businesses, however, are inexperienced and unfamiliar with this new market and lack the ability to analyze how they can enter it. GHS Advisors believes that it can help such businesses determine whether and how they can legitimately compete in the market, and assist them in working with government to achieve market penetration goals. GHS Advisors senior executive consultants have extensive knowledge of this expanded security field as well as knowledge of government contracting, multi-national corporations, and international business.

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GHSA President Co-Authors Cyber Security Article

Bruce deGrazia of GHSA and Anton Hofland of 2024Sight have written an article on the importance of securing building automation systems and how various government approaches to cybersecurity can affect building owners. The article can be found here.