GHS Advisors specializes in assisting businesses and organizations with security-related issues.

Cyber Security

Cyber attacks have become a major security issue. The federal government has implemented regulations requiring that all public companies secure their data and provide certifications. GHSA’s principals have not only cyber security expertise, but also have worked with Fortune 500 companies on compliance issues. We can help you analyze how these regulations apply to your organization and create an approach that will enable to you to comply.

National Security and Defense


The traditional concepts of national security and defense no longer hold. National security now encompasses cyber, energy, and the environment. GHS Advisors has exertise in policy areas connected with this new approach to national security, with an understanding of the Defense organizational structure, the acquisition programs and the new policy prespectives. We can assist you in navigating the organization and recognizing the important trends in national security.



Energy issues have become increasing important to the security of the United States and the world. Energy security covers not only continued access to traditional sources and the phyical protection of theose sources, but also the replacement of traditional forms of energy with alternative approaches, such as solar, biomass, wind for the generation of electricity, as well as natural gas and elecricity to power vehicles. Large scale government projects are increasingly looking to exploit these sources, both on the installation and operations sides. GHSA has experience in assisting clients in understanding how to participate in this area and in preparing to do so.



Environmental issues are significantly different than they were even ten years ago. The CERCLA cleanup program is winding down and the Clear Air and Clean Water Acts have changed their focus. Greenhouse gas regulation, despite opposition from industry, is likely to become a factor, and even now affects those U.S. companies with European facitlities. GHSA's principals have served on government delegations negotiating international treaties on greenhouse gases, and has advised clients on the best way to take advantage of this increasing regulation.

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Industry News & Events

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GHSA President Co-Authors Cyber Security Article

Bruce deGrazia of GHSA and Anton Hofland of 2024Sight have written an article on the importance of securing building automation systems and how various government approaches to cybersecurity can affect building owners. The article can be found here.