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GHS Advisors specializes in assisting clients with compliance questions, risk assessments, and business continuity.

Cyber attacks have become a major security issue. The federal government has implemented regulations requiring that all public companies secure their data and provide certifications. GHSA’s principals have not only cyber security expertise, but also have worked with Fortune 500 companies on compliance issues. We can help you analyze how these regulations apply to your organization and create an approach that will enable to you to comply.

Specific sectors, such as health care, have even more onerous requirements.  Recently, the penalties for allowing data breaches have increased markedly. No health care organization can afford to operate without expert advice on how to avoid non-compliance. GHSA has provided such expert advice to clients and prides itself on helping them adapt to an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Congress is currently considering legislation that will extend cyber security protection to a significant number of other sectors. GHSA has been following this legislation closely and can assist clients in determining whether and how this and other relevant legislation might apply to them.

GHS Advisors initially became involved in cyber security as part of vulnerability and risk analysis, particularly of local government utilities. We have expanded our services to include vulnerability and risk analyses in the cyber security area and can perform assessments of network and system security, as well as creating security plans and policies.

GHSA’s principals and consultants possess numerous cyber security related certifications, including Security+, Network+, and the CISSP, which is considered by the Defense Department to be in the highest category of cyber security certifications. They have worked in the area since the 1990s, helping to build secure networks and advising on secure email policies. They also were in the forefront of mobile device security.

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