National Security and Defense

GHSA has expertise in national security and defense, particularly cyber defense, homeland security, and environmental security.

Homeland Security

Since May 2003 Global Homeland Security Advisors offered expertise in Bio Defense, Bio Technology, Port and Airport Security, Transportation Security, Infrastructure Security, and UAVs. GHS Advisors principals have been involved in obtaining regulatory approvals for decontamination and other bio defense systems, and have worked closely with vendors of personal protective equipment who wish to sell this equipment to Federal and State government customers.

In the Bio Technology area, GHSA has worked with government agencies both in the United States and abroad, as well as with pharmaceutical companies that wish to pioneer new technologies. GHSA has represented customers in the port and airport security arena, particularly with respect to surveillance and detection technologies. We are also experienced in working with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Communications Commission in deploying these technologies. GHSA’s principals are certified to conduct security vulnerability assessments, and making recommendations on how to strengthen security at a facility. UAVs represent a major advancement in surveillance capability and even as offensive weapons. GHSA has worked closely with the Department of Homeland Security in suggesting missions for UAVs to protect our boarders, and also are closely familiar with defense related capabilities of these aircraft.


GHSA principals have been involved with encroachment (radio frequency, ESA, and air space) issues, training, UAVs, and conservation. Further, GHSA principals participated in a Department of Defense task force that ensured access by DOD personnel to training areas for a period up to thirty years. During tenure at DOD, GHSA principals have developed extensive contacts within the department at all levels.

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Industry News & Events

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